This is not official ExCentral

But a very disgruntled and ripped off customer

The official ExCentral website is here BUT before you go please read on. It could save you £££££££’s


116 phone calls in one month pushing me to add more funds

Constant harassment to trade. Remember they make what’s called a “spread” (I think its the difference between buying and selling price) out of each trade

Overnight charges,. known as “swaps” reached over £5,000 PER NIGHT for me

They supposedly offer advice and training on how to trade, how to read charts, how to hedge, etc BUT this is all geared towards pushing you to trade more and more and add more and more funds to your account

Listen for the bell ringing in the background every so often. It sounds like a sales environment there so I can only assume the bell rings each time a salesman, sorry “account manager” (they call them) persuades a customer to add more money

Once the trades they advice you to make all turn sour, then the pressure is on to add more and more funds to supposedly “protect” your money

Once you can’t add anymore funds, or are not prepared too, they close all your trades wiping out your account, including any banked profits.

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BEWARNED Don’t invest another penny till you hear what I have to say